Our Earth is mainly covered with ocean. Marine biomes have its life span, creatures and many attractive and amazing things. It covers one third of the Earth's surface. Big and small fish of different types live in oceans. Crabs, starfish, sharks, whales etc are also found in oceans there are 33,200 known species of fish, and many of them live in the oceans.

Blue world theme park brings to you a reflection of the same. The experience will be a manifest of marine biomes. As in the ocean Saath Samanadar Paar will be a replica of flora fauna which is found under deep sea.

There would be no bar of age or height on the visitors and, would be considered as the prime attraction of the Blue World.


A Dinosaur theme park which would reflect the Jurassic Period. Park will have many life sized dinosaur. It would be a replica of the warm blooded creatures. By visiting this place you will experience the presence of the humongous creatures and also it would be no age or height bar place of visit.

Dinomica will act as one of the prime attraction for the visitors.


It would be a house of fun. The complete mall would be divided in separate fun filled zones of games zone, haunted house and bharat darshan. Game zone would be the one of the best gaming zone. It will promote active play in a safe, secured and convenient place. It would also be serving entertainment through latest and the best equipment.

For birthday parties, anniversary parties, school trips, corporate parties and kitty parties, the mall will give the best offers and packages for complete entertainment of one and all.

Haunted house will give you the experience of intense audio, lightning, strobe light special effects, moving floors sudden action and a overall physically demanding atmosphere

Bharat Darshan would be as its name suggests a complete view of the culture, lifestyle fashion from north to south and east to west. It will vest a complete view of Indian culture.


It's a rush of white water fun on Swift Water Run, Blue World's thrill ride. Hold on tight as the current rushes 'round and 'round through the corkscrew tunnel before a breathtaking splash sends you sailing down the chute. It's twists and turns like you've never seen before on!

Magic Bowl is one of the upcoming rides in Fairy Land Water World and would be available for visitors from May, 2018. One of its kind in among many fascinating rides. Prime attraction for this season come here and enjoy!!