Thrill Rides


Chair Lift

Along with all mentioned fun, excitement and entertainment, another feather in the crown of the city is Chair Lift. Blue World has introduced India`s first Angle base (track) Chair Lift in this Blue World Theme Park. From this members can take a ride from one end to another and this will also give them the aerial view of entire Blue World Theme Park. It can accommodate two persons per chair lift with the total length of about 1,000 running ft and the above ground level average height from about 40 to 60 ft. It also takes pride to be the longest Chair Lift system which can safely operate in Kanpur by Blue World Corporation. All construction materials and equipment were of international standards.

Free Fall

This is an activity involving jumping from a tall structure connected to a large elastic cord. The tall object is usually fixed on ground. Extreme sport is another term for free fall. These activities are counter-cultural involving speed, height and a high level of physical exertion especially spectacular stunts.

Roller Coaster

A big exciting roller coaster ride is designed for the whole family and especially for youngsters who are looking for thrill. The ride in the club provides excitement, enjoyment and freshness.

Striking Car

Striking Car ride is really a wonderful opportunity to experience a great fun. The ride can bound to make one yell in joy with clocking super-high speed.

Blue Typhoon

Tsunami ride is famous for twists, turns, blasts and splashes and gives fun all around. Take a pick from ride for the whole family. Each of the rides provides one with a different way of going with the flow and let one enjoy the day.

Suhana Safar

An artificial cave built with river in it and visitors can go from start point to exit by boat. On many points of the boat one will see the glory of Eastern India like festivals Durga-Pooja, Independence Movement, Great Leaders, Monuments and many more historical and things.

7D Show

This theater adds a layer of immersive fun for you by making you experience the world of not only audio visual but also sensory effects. 7 D films make you the protagonist of the movie, enjoying immersive feeling, directly going in to movie scene through the sense of touch, sight, hearing and seat movement, feeling everything in the movie.

Mono Rail

For the convenience of visitors the Blue World Theme Park has started the service of MONO RAIL on the premises of Blue World. Having a ride on this fast Iconic Monorail is full of fun high speed “green go” transportation system. One can enjoy Mono Rail ride with family and for this one can take a quick tour to the Blue World Theme Park. This is an amazing experience in itself and also will save your time too.