Explore Themes

European Theme

This contains the ambience of very famous London Street, famous as transport of London, responsible for managing the main routes known as Red Routes. Visitors will enjoy the roads and building as if they are in London and the get the feel of wandering on London Street.

Fairy Land Theme

Since childhood we have heard stories of fairies and imaginary places where people find fairies that always fascinated all. So no more wait now, childhood dream will come true. Here in the Blue World. Lots of fairies are waiting to meet. And not only this, one can meet beautiful angels here.

Chinese Theme

Let’s make a visit to China now. In this part one will find awesome architecture of China, especially restaurant. Here Chinese restaurant welcomes our visitors with the world famous Chinese dishes and culture. Dragon Bridge is waiting.

Jungle Theme

Here you will feel yourself in jungle surrounded by trees, animals, mountains and much more .This will give the feel of nature. Big & small sculptures of elephants, giraffe and orangutans put up together apparent surroundings of jungle & give the chance to see nature from no distance.

Mayan Culture & Egyptian Culture

One of the ancient cultures was Mayan & Egypt cultures that have always attracted people towards its beauty. Blue World has designed this part of Club on these themes. The beauty and architecture of these formations will amaze as if one is on a trip to these countries.

Indian Theme

Blue World is proudly presenting Indian Culture in our club. Our Culture is the mixture of several things like tradition, festivals, architecture and even food. A living, vibrating and dynamic activity, which surrounds the whole of living, in a certain period of time. As we know The Indian Culture is an assimilation of several social behaviors and the whole scene is influenced by Unity in Diversity.