Aquaria is a waterview and an absolute waterfront dining experience, fully air conditioned with indoor seating.

Food lovers from all over the city and surrounds have made the trek every weekend to beautiful restaurants. Waters to partake in the fantastic food and take in the fabulous scenery. Our buffet is ideal for family, a special treat for visitors, a get together with friends or just a quiet meal with someone special. One thing's for sure, eating by the water gives your meal that extra special shine, which is why so many people indulge.

We offer a warm, family style welcome to everyone and are always genuine and friendly. We welcome feedback on ways to improve our service. The longevity and success of this buffet is attributable to the extraordinary effort taken by the chef to provide only the best food available each day and we guarantee it.

We are always accurate and truthful ' we never over-claim. We are always helpful, supportive and responsive. We are never strident but instead listen to the needs of our customers. We love what we do, our wonderful staff, the food we serve, the venues we have and the service we provide. We are motivated by our guest's enjoyment.

Aquaria is the perfect venue for your next culinary outing or event.

Ship Restaurant

Having a hard time deciding where to eat? With our wide range of dining options, we can certainly understand. Want to sample a little bit of everything? Ship Restaurant has you covered with one of the biggest all-you-care-to-eat around these parts.

For lunch, Ship Restaurant puts out a grand spread with something for every member of the family. Here, delicious is full of delights. It is an open restaurant near the pool side. A perfect food joint which can be enjoyed just before and after having fun at Fairy Land Water World.

Ship Restaurant also features a variety of Indian Street Food to Chinese Cuisine, from complete Lunch Thal to quick paltry for junkies. salad bar with mixed greens and a variety of toppings and salad dressings, and kids love the special buffet items made especially for them. Finally, put the cherry on top of your meal with Aunt Granny’s expansive dessert bar.

Punjabi Village

Ever been to Punjab !! Punjabi Village at Blue World Theme Park will help you experience the feel of a ‘Pind’. With marvelous artistry and miniatures all round it is the prime location to host birthday and various other social gathering. Mouth watering food also gives reason to visitor to visit frequently to the ‘Punajbi Village’.