Fairy Land Water World


Family Raft Ride

Take the "plunge" on this extreme white water rafting adventure ride that takes you banking through dark caverns with winding bends and steep drops reminiscent of challenging river expeditions. Crashing through a wall of water just before sliding down the bumpy cliff that sends you splashing into the pool below.

The minimum number of riders is 3 and the maximum number of riders is 4 Groups less than 3 will be seated with others Groups of more than 4 will be separated.

Body Slide

Thrills are on the rise at Blue World Theme Park in Fairy Land Water World with Tower Falls, the water parks' one of the tallest and fastest slides! Rising into the air, these exhilarating twin free-fall slides propel riders on tracks for an exhilarating journey! A water-filled lane awaits riders at the end, bringing this fast-action experience to an end with a major splash.

Wave Runner

Experience the wet and wild twists, turns and thrills of Blue World Theme Park at Fairy Land Water World is the prime attraction! From its unique spiraling, high-speed Aqua Tubes to its splashdown finish, it’s an all-out race to see who can get to the end first. Head-to-head race with the fun of a traditional mat racer-style slide and the tight turns and daring drops of an enclosed slide.


Experience the scenic beauty of the Smoky Mountains while floating down and relaxing. Cool off beneath the cascading waterfall that drenches and refreshes.This includes swimmers, non-swimmers and infants.The safety requirement is consistent with Blue World Theme Park at Fairy Land Water World commitment to making guest safety our No. 1 priority.

Tiny Tots Zone

For the younger folk, Tiny tots zone provides the best in exciting and safe fun! Enjoy hours of good times in the children's pool, fun slides and activity center - all guaranteed to get little tykes wonderfully wet and wild!For those who are looking for a shaded area, you can hang out under one of the Sprinkler one of our canopies in Tiny Tots Zone.

Typhoon Tunnel

This another tallest slide. You'll scream with excitement as you race down your choice of winding corkscrew tunnels or aggressive quadruple-drop slides.Note: No footwear, shirts, or cover-ups may be worn on this ride.

Funnel Ride

It's a rush of white water fun on Funnel Ride, Blue World Theme Park at Fairy Land Water World's thrill ride. Hold on tight as the current rushes 'round and 'round through the corkscrew tunnel before a breathtaking splash sends you sailing down the chute. It's twists and turns like you've never seen before on Funnel Ride!

Master Blaster

You'll scream with excitement as you race down your choice of winding corkscrew tunnels or aggressive quadruple-drop slides. This master slide makes a blast of slide.

Wave Pool

The many pools in the Great Fairy Land Water World. Here, you can enjoy the experience of ocean wave invite the whole family to twist and turn as the cool water sends you waving in the warm sunshine.

Rain Dance

Rain dance is all about getting wet 'n' absolutely wild. It is a specially created dance floor that gives you a multi-sensorial experience,perfectly choreographed showers of warm water that soak you in absolute dance-bliss! Located among the pool side the view combined with music ports to a different world all together.

Splash Out

Get ready for the next generation of water coasters as you experience quick slide and splash in the pool. The thrills of splashing in the water ! It's everything you love ! An ultimate splash in the water !